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Energised egalitarians

Energised egalitarians

We help you to devolve decision making, be light and lean and maximise collectivism, collaboration and trust.

We help you challenge staid thinking and reboot your organisation, devolving decision making to be light and lean, maximising collectivism, collaboration and trust. We facilitate ways for you to drive inspiring innovations, turning ideas into tangible assets that are fit for a digital world. We’re hands on helpful, and usually join the team to imprint and explore these new ways of working.

Time to take the red pill and read on…

Programme concepts

Our programme encourages you to think differently about how you can organise yourselves to empower your teams, decentralise work, reduce control and increase autonomy.  We run through the following stages:

Review of radical frameworks for organising (e.g. Responsive Org and Network Model).

Design and deploy decision making frameworks supported by facts and insights.

Create blueprint for collaboration and decision making tools (e.g. Microsoft Teams / Slack).

Encourage team behavioural changes to reduce dependency on emails and meetings, while increasing autonomy and virtual working.


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