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It's time to accelerate into your digital future

Join a group of health and social care organisations on a twelve month accelerator programme to become more responsive, adaptive and digitally focused.

Choose your own adventure

We have two programmes that are about genuinely understanding the shift to a digital world in an inclusive, human and non tech-jargon way. They’re big, bold challenging, and hopefully revolutionary for those participating.

Our programmes are about connecting all of the dots to make meaningful digital missions that everyone can take forward.

Please find more information on each of the programmes below.

Enabling a group of prospective disruptors to bring the digital to your org.

Dive in

Next cohort starts TBC – get in touch

Supporting execs to be the drivers your future digital org needs.

Stride forward

Next cohort starts TBC – get in touch

Now a word from our disruptors

Take a dive into our programmes

The Community Digital Catalyst – Disruptor is a 12 month accelerator programme to equip and support three people in your organisation to positively and responsibly disrupt with digital thinking, practices and tools.

The programme features an intensive first six months with 100 hours of learning and discussion, followed by another six months of 30 hours alumni sessions. In addition each organisation will have 24 hours of direct mentoring, that can be used for whatever you need, and available at the key points you need it.

Beyond this we will proactively build up opportunities for individuals to develop peer relationships and your organisations to develop collaboration opportunities, along with regular sharing of ideas, inspirational materials and resources to immerse yourself in on our online forum, along with session recordings and slidesets.

Next cohort starts TBC Drop us an email if you’d like to be kept up to date.


The Community Digital Catalyst – Executive programme offers a condensed strategic run through some of the most powerful ideas and concepts from the larger programme, delivered in a series of talks followed by discussion amongst a peer group of senior leaders, supporting and sharing with each other, and building relationships that can drive valuable collaboration down the line.

The series of 12 powerful and provocative thematic sessions will take place every 3-4 weeks, and be 2.5 hours in length (and recorded if you miss a session or wish to come back and revisit):

Industrial revolution – Care revolution – Analogue organisation vs digital organisation – Complexity and change – The hidden cost and opportunity of culture – Digital skills for a digital age – Gateways and governance – Digitising strategy – Digital by design – Data as a driving force – The future 24/7 employee – Digital commercial offerings.

The sessions will offer new and challenging content, that will make you look at your organisation differently, and to support your contextualisation the programme will include 8 x 50 minute mentoring sessions with our founder and the programme leader Liam Cahill.

To support peer community building and sharing we will host and facilitate four further informal 90 minute sessions – an introductory meet and greet, two open topical discussion sessions, and a concluding session. We will also host a private forum for participants to ask each other questions, share ideas and experiences, build opportunities and access the session recordings.

Next cohort starts TBC Drop us an email if you’d like to be kept up to date.


Check out our recent session for executive leaders

Recently we’ve been delighted to join a range of leadership networks to talk about the critical role that leaders can play in driving digital forward. It’s not all about the techie jargon but people, change, mindset, culture and environment. Here’s the recording.

Next steps

At Sector Three we live and breath the digital journey. Take a peek at our most popular resources.

1. Baseline yourself

We have come great scorecards for you to baseline against what your digital org needs you to be. Check them out:

How digitally equipped are you?

See how your org stacks up against the four key digital pillars with our scorecard.

The Digital Exec Test

Test your own knowledge on key themes that leaders should know to enable digital.

2. Get the prospectus

We have a prospectus that will provide what you need to know about each of our programmes. Check them out:

Disruptor programme
Download - disruptor prospectus
Exec programme
Download - exec prospectus

3. Talk to us

We know our programmes represent a commitment in time and money. So if you’d like to talk through anything we have a few options.

Email us on [email protected]

Book a 45m chat with us 
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Immerse yourself

We live, breathe and write about the big digital journey. Check out some of our most popular reads below.