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Together Digital. We help organisations with the future.

What we do

Our mission

We empower organisations in a digital age.

We’re a social business that empowers people to work in new ways and connect with technology. Delivering big reports packed with jargon that you can’t use isn’t our thing; we’re here to build long term partnerships that deliver meaningful change. If you want real human beings who believe in translating and embedding big ideas that can really help your organisation, then please continue reading.

Areas of focus

We bring together culture, org structures, skills and tech to drive meaningful change.

We have ways of making you succeed

(Yes, that was a Bond evil genius reference).


Direct support

We work with clients directly to uniquely support their digital journey, whether this be first steps, big pivots or late stage injections. Check out our programmes for a flavour of what we do.

Tailored Programmes

Accelerator programmes

We currently run two exciting and provocative digital accelerator programmes (called the Community Digital Catalyst) for health and social care providers. Click below to find out more.

Accelerator Programmes

Check out our Medium blog where we have loads of big ideas and small ideas about taking on the digital future.

Check it out


We help socially impactful organisations.

We’re proud to have worked with organisations who are making the world a better place, and in so many different ways. We’ve helped clients find, drive and define purpose, embrace progressive ideas, respond quickly, sprint safely, embrace stakeholders (figuratively), and make digital, data and AI a reality.

Your Healthcare CIC
Locala H&W
City Heathcare Partnership
Blenheim Chalcot
Livewell Southwest
Spectrum CIC
Echo Lloyds
The Kirkwood
National Bodies
Accelerate CIC

Building organisations fit for the future.